I’ve been a long time KISS fan and I usually say that when I write music it is a cross between KISS and Cat Stevens. Acoustic songs about girls and what boys do with girls 🙂

In my everyday life I listen to more electronic music. When at work, I listen to Progressive House from Digitally Imported Radio. I decided in 2004 that I wanted music that rocked me and it wasn’t rock and roll or metal alone. I opened up to more influences and I’ve loved it.

I love finding new or  a little weird music. By new, I mean new to me. Just the other day I found a Spanish singer called Bebe. She has a song called Siempre Me Quedara that I adore. What I love most about the song is the composition. The crispness of the bass, the sweetness of her voice and the hard hitting drums. These things make for an awesome song.

When I wrote and recorded my two latest songs, That’s All and The Chasm, as Steeg, I was influenced my an English progressive metal band called SikTh. I’m still a softie, but my inspirations come from a variety of places.

When writing songs, I usually use everyday stuff as my inspiration. My wife, my kid, the room I’m in, the view, the scents, my memories and sometimes I just free-write. I write down everything that comes to mind and if I can use it, great. If not, then I probably get a few ideas I can develop into something at a later time. It’s win-win.

I’m hoping my inspirations and new found drive will take me and the band to Madison Square Garden. I imagine us playing for a full house of 20.000 cheering fans. The rush of blood to my head, my sweaty pals and racing heart, increased breathing and the joy I feel inside as I am about to step onto the stage. I am happy!

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