How to overcome your stage fright

I talked about my stage fright in an earlier article and now I want to expand on this and talk about how you can do the same.

It is, by far, not easy to overcome ones fear, but by taking small baby steps, it is quite doable.

The how – Step 1

First off, remember this: You’re on stage doing something you love, in front of people that are there to see you perform!When you remember this, things becomes a lot easier. These people in front of the stage has actually paid money to come see you, they value what you do.

Secondly, when you always give your best and I mean always, your performances will glow and your reputation will soar. “Thisandthat played an awesome show last night!”. You see the picture.

The how – Step 2

Practice. Every time you do something that scares you,  you become a little bit more insensitive to its effects. You get used to it.
Look for places where you can stick your head out. Find a pub with a small stage and a live setting and ask if you can play a song or two. Don’t mind if the audience is listening or not, the main point here is for you to practice being on a stage and getting used to it.

Another good way of doing this is to find people in the business. Find other musicians you can talk and relate to. Get to know them, but don’t try to impress them. Become their friend instead of just a fan or a weird stalker. This is so easy in our modern world of email, Facebook or Google+.

The how – Step 3

Testing the water! Record a demo, using your laptop or mobile phone and post it on Youtube. This is really easy since you’ll be sitting at home, all alone, recording this song and when it’s published online, post the link to your social websites and ask for feedback. But remember that your close family and friends will lie to you when it comes to telling you about your music. That’s why it is paramount that you get your music out in the open.

Send the link to music critics that will review your song. Ask bloggers to review it. Don’t just rely on your friends and family. They’re no good at this.
The reason you want it out there is that the feedback you get from these strangers can be used to create better songs in the future. Take into account the critics you get and use that information for make your music better. You don’t have to change your style, just tweak it to make it better.

The how – Step 4

This is close to the final step. You’ve stuck out your neck, you’ve tested the waters, you’ve tried your luck on smaller stages and you now have a few good songs in your bag.

Now it’s time to dream big. Dream of playing at the Madison Square Garden for example. Dream of playing for 200.000 people in South America. Dream of opening for a huge band or dream of being the headline act all over the world.

What makes you tick? What makes you want to create your art?

Gene Simmons said is so well when he talked about why he got into music: Girls! Who doesn’t want to get laid? Stop kidding yourself…

There doesn’t have to be a grand plan to your career. Money is a good enough reason to start playing, to get out there and to have fun.

Rock the world my friends. Rock the world!


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2 Responses to How to overcome your stage fright

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  2. Chris Robley says:

    Hey K,

    Great tips on conquering a common fear.

    Thanks for linking to that DIY Musician article and sharing some of our content.


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