Excited! Gotta relax here…

I’ve always thought I had to be smart and say something worthwhile when blogging and that’s why I haven’t always updated so often as I felt I could have or even should have. But that’s about to change.

My life has been speeding up a lot these past few weeks and I can barely hang on. Shit I can’t even talk about at this stage, but I will say that it is about me making music and that thought alone makes me even happier.

You are my butterflies

Anyway, since I’ve set my eyes on Madison Square Garden and the possibility to play live there for a full house, I’ve begun to see opportunities that were once hidden. It’s like the windows were cleaned, the doors got opened and fresh air has rushed in and lit a fire within.

Michael Neill, of Supercoach.com said that “Happiness leads to success a hell of a lot more that success leads to happiness.” and I agree. I am happier, I see more opportunities in my life and I become even happier. It’s a great circle to be in right now.

Thanks for being awesome my butterflies.

What are you dreams and goals?

Steeg on the road to Madison Square Garden.


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42 Separated 1 child Unemployed Studying life Waking up Into: * Trance * Dubstep * Computers * Linux * Open Source Software * Sci-Fi * Personal Development * Personal Finance
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