Social Connections and butterflies

I was sitting at home last night playing with me cell phone and recording videos and all the sudden had butterflies in my stomach. What I realized was that I was thinking about you guys and that made me smile because this means that since you’re now my butterflies, you’re always with me ❤

Anyway, I’ve created a few other places where you can reach me.

Please take the time to connect and follow me as I grow out of my own skin to become even more 🙂 Some of you may already be connected, some of you may not. You’re all welcome anyway.

Steeg on the road to Madison Square Garden.


About kekePower

42 Separated 1 child Unemployed Studying life Waking up Into: * Trance * Dubstep * Computers * Linux * Open Source Software * Sci-Fi * Personal Development * Personal Finance
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3 Responses to Social Connections and butterflies

  1. reminds me of the song…. butterflies, butterflies, we were meant to fly… : )

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